September 26 - 28, 2018
United States

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Press Release: Future Indirect Fires Summit

For Immediate Release: July 25th, 2018Future Indirect Fires Summit to take place September 26-28 in Lawton, OK.

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Exclusive Content

A Look at the New Technologies Maximizing the U.S. Army's Fires Capabilities

We took a look at the new technologies that are increasing the U.S. Army's fires capabilities. The Army is currently investing in many new solutions to increase lethality, accuracy and mobility. The 2019 Army ammunition budget allocates more than $376 million toward the purchase of high-explosive and Excalibur rounds, which...

Distributed Defense: New Operational Concepts for Integrated Air and Missile Defense

Despite the rising salience of missile threats, current air and missile defense forces are far too susceptible to suppression. Today’s U.S. air and missile defense (AMD) force lacks the depth, capacity, and operational flexibility to simultaneously perform both missions. Discussions about improving AMD usually revolve around improvements to the capability...

Everything You Need to Know About the $13 Billion Increase in the Army's Budget for FY19

Ahead of the summit, we took a look at the U.S. Army's FY19 budget request. The budget reflects a major funding boost compared to recent years and seeks to enhance readiness recovery and fill capability gaps. This infographic is a summary of the FY19 updates made to indirect fire weapons...

Perspectives on Interoperability & the Future of Land-Based Fires

In this exclusive interview with Brigadier Paul Tennant, Chief Joint Fires and Influence, HQ ARRC NATO, hear first-hand about the future of the joint fires operating environment, the growing reliance on technology for training, the strategic priorities and challenges for NATO, and how allied troops should align their requirements to...

Indirect Fires Global Market Report 2018

This Global Market Report takes a look at the latest developments from countries from all around the world for 2017-2018, including the U.S. Finland, France, Czech Republic Israel, and more. 

The Future of Artillery Systems

The global artillery market, from present day to 2025, is expected to increase by approximately 40% to $5.2 billion. Understandably so, given that over the last decade, artillery has re-established itself as an indispensable tactical instrument, vital for both self-defence and expeditionary warfare. This infographic shares a perspective on changes...


Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization

Presentation by BG Clement Coward, USA, Joint Staff J-8 Deputy Director for Force Protection and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance: Making the World a Safer Place

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance is a non-profit organization advocating the development and deployment of missile defense for the United States and its allies. Founded in 2002, by Riki Ellison, it promotes United States Government missile defense strategies and technologies.

PROGRAM EXECUTIVE OFFICE (PEO) MISSILES AND SPACE: Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense Program Update

"Army IAMD Program Priorities and Developments" presentation by Michael Chandler, Project Manager, AIAMD, PEO Missiles & Space on:IFPC Current Status and Program UpdatesIBCS and the Single Integrated Air PictureUpcoming Program Milestones and Priorities

Developing an Effective Missile Defense, Ground-based Midcourse Defense, and both Homeland and Regional Missile Support

Presentation by Brigadier General Tim Lawson, Deputy Commanding General for Operations, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command / Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT)

Fire Support and the Operational Environment Through 2030

Dwayne D Hynes, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2., U.S. Army presents on Fire Support and the Operational Environment Through 2030. 

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